Pure Media

Pure Media believes that film should be made fair and sustainable, just like any other product. Our principles are:
  • Pure, fair and sustainable
  • Delivering high quality; great shots, sound and performance
  • Money is a means, not an end
  • Innovation
  • Hard work
  • Growth

Some results of the innovation so far, are:
  • A new lighting method, using as much daylight as possible. When necessary, Pure Media uses special film lights that consume 80% less power that regular film lights.
  • The editing studio is fully powered by solar energy. All batteries are also charged using solar power.
  • Because we film straight to flash memory rather than tape, we don’t burden the environment with this material or its packaging.
  • Pure Media uses public transport or hybrid vehicles as much as possible. All of the equipment is transported in a hybrid car and besides that we stimulate carpooling.
  • Pure Media works with the available surroundings rather than trying to recreate them into something else. This means looking at what a certain location offers and working with a flexible script, as opposed to a rigid one. In that case one would have to put a lot of effort into remoulding a location, adding costs and a higher fuel and energy consumption.
  • Pure Media’s carbon footprint is neutralised by solar energy, because we produce more energy than is being used. In this way Pure Media is giving back energy to its energy provider and the society.