Pure Media


Start new international production in 2021

Puur-media Academy is planning to start a new film with the title "Green" in 2021. If you are interested in being a part of this in front or behind the camerea please send us an email.



Disposable is a feature film which takes a look behind the scenes of a talent show: Star Signs. The film reveals the impact of the TV programme on the lives of its candidates. The story is a mix of fictional and true stories and is scheduled to be released early 2020.

For a Friend


In the course of 2010-2017 Pure Media filmed For a Friend. It’s an international feature spoken in English.

After a rough day, Maddy takes a break on a bench. She is approached by a cheerful Daniel. At first she doesn’t want to be associated with him, but in the course of time she becomes curious and slowly starts to trust him. But is Daniel trustworthy? What are his reasons to be a friend?

Samantha Kemna, Joy Philips, Alex Yukhymishen