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A Chef's Heart

A Chef's Heart international documentary trailer

In A Chef's Heart we can see the passion of an Amsterdam based Michelin star chef Chris Naylor and follow his journey to a more sustainable and social way of preparing high end food with a focus on vegetables.


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Tomorrow’s Food

The best way of knowing where your food comes from is to grow it yourself. Chef Jonathan Karpathios grows his own vegetables, tends his own greenhouse and keeps his own pigs. Anything he can’t produce himself, he sources locally. It’s his way of saving the world.

In Tomorrow’s Food, filmmaker Benny Vink beautifully captures Jonathan’s vision. There is a great deal wrong with the current food system. Meat consumption has disastrous consequences for the environment, and we eat too much food, too much fat and too much from the other side of the world. You can sit back and do nothing, or you can try to lead by example. The chef opted for the latter.





Tomorrow's Food has been nominated four times in three different countries.

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Tomorrows Food can been viewed on Pure-On-Demand.nl



In H2 we try to discover the possibilities of a hydrogen power cell as an energy source for traffic.
To get answers to our questions we follow Jim Hoogmoed, Team manager Eco Runner team TU Delft as he and his team-leads build the Eco Runner 5 for the Eco Marathon competition.
We talk to Professor Ad van Wijk an hydrogen expert who shares with us his vision on Hydrogen as a power source, not only for cars, but also for housingTo keep things realistic and practical we researched the professional automobile industry Receiving input from Steven van Eijck, chairman RAI association, and his opinion on fuel cell powered cars, and also a big car company shows us their first working Hydrogen model.


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